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Ancient Theatre of Philippi - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Archaeological site of Philippi – UNESCO World Heritage Site

All-powerful kings of the ancient Greek world, Roman generals and thousands of soldiers, the most important Apostle of the...

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Monuments of the Old Town

The Old Aqueduct Kamares - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Kamares – Aqueduct

The most characteristic monument of Kavala is the large, arched aqueduct, known by the name “Kamares” (Arches), with a...

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Imaret - Photo from Imaret's archive

In the early 19th century Mohammed Ali, founder of the final Egyptian dynasty, established an Imaret – a religious,...

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The Old Music ( Halil Bey Mosque ) - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Palia Mousiki (Halil Bey Mosque)

Palia Mousiki (Halil Bey Mosque) is located at the centre of the peninsula, near the Castle and on roads...

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Mohamed Ali house MOHA Research Center - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Mohammed Ali’s Residence

In the Square named for Mohammed Ali (1769-1849), which is located in the Panagia peninsula, in the Old Town...

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City wall - Photo by Artware
Coastal wall

Its strong walls of the Thassian colony were most likely built in the early 7th century BC.

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Municipal tobacco warehouse - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Municipal Tobacco Warehouse

The Municipal Warehouse is one of the most interesting in Kavala. It housed the company of Kiazim Emin &...

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“Régie” Tobacco Warehouse

This three-storey building complex, with a closed arrangement centred around an internal courtyard, is comprised of four wings with...

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Mpasterli Kioli Hodja Warehouse

This three-storey tobacco warehouse, which is located behind the old aqueduct (Kamares), was the property of Mpasterli Kioli Hodja.

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Καπναποθήκη Τοπάλ Μεμέτ Εφέντη - φωτογραφία Ελένη Μεντεσίδου
Topal Mehmet Efendi Warehouse

This two-storey tobacco warehouse, which is located behind the old aqueduct of Kavala (Kamares), had been the property of...

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SCHINAZI Bros tobacco warehouses - Photo by Eleni Mentesidou
SCHINASI Bros tobacco warehouses

The brothers Morris and Solomon Schinasi established their company in Kavala in 1905 and built the tobacco warehouses in...

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"Herzog Co." tobacco warehouse - Photo by Eleni Mentesidou
HERZOG Co. tobacco warehouse

The HERZOG tobacco company used a large number of tobacco warehouses along Damianou, Ethnarchi Makariou and Nikis Streets.

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E.O.K tobacco warehouse ( Tobacco Museum ) - Photo by Achilleas Savvopoulos
National tobacco organisation (EOK) warehouse

The Central Service of the National Tobacco Organisation was located in Athens and had four regional offices: in Kavala,...

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Aaron Tsimino tobacco warehouse - Photo by Eleni Mentesidou
Tsimino Aaron Warehouse

Aaron Jacob Tsimino, whose initials can be seen on the pediment of the tobacco warehouse at 20 Nuremberg Street,...

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Topal Mehmet Efendi Warehouse

This section of the three-storey tobacco warehouse was the property of Topal Mehmet Efendi.

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City Hall of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
City Hall

The building in which the Municipality of Kavala is housed today is one of the most impressive buildings in...

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Great Club - photo Artvertise7
Great Club of Kavala

Founded in 1910 by the Philoptochos Adelfotis Kyrion Kavalas (a women’s charity for the poor) in order to house...

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1st High School of Kavala - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Former Boys School – 1st Junior High School

This is one of the three grand Turkish buildings that were erected in the twenty years from 1890-1910, during...

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Tokos Building - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Tokos Building

The Tokos Building was built by the tobacco merchant Dimitrios Tokos as his residence in 1879, as can be...

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Wix Building

This was built in 1906 by the German Baron Adolf Wix as a miniature Hungarian tower, and was used...

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The Lazarist Monastery - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
The Lazarist Monastery

The Catholic Monastery of St Paul in Kavala, otherwise known as the Lazarist Monastery of St Vincent de Paul...

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Former Girls School - 10th Primary School of Kavala Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Former Girls School of Kavala

This is located further up from the Megali Leschi. Its foundations were laid in May 1891 and it was...

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Former Court House of Kavala - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Former Courthouse

The building of the Former Courthouse of Kavala is an integral part of the town’s history.

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Palia Merarchia (Old Division) of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Palia Merarchia (Old Division)

This is one of the finest buildings of Kavala. It was built in the first decade of the 20th...

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Municipal conservatory of Kavala at night - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Municipal Conservatory of Kavala

The Municipal Conservatory of Kavala is the building with the most obvious neoclassical features (pediments, pilasters, window frames with...

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Former Port Authority building - Photo by Achileas Savvopoulos
Port Authority

The foundations of the Port Authority building were laid down in 1926. Three years later, in 1929, Eleftherios Venizelos...

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Holy Temple of the Holy Trinity and the Five Holy Martyrs

The Holy Temple of the Holy Trinity and the Five Holy Martyrs, in which the Sacred Relics of Saints...

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St. Lydia's of Philippi holy baptistery - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Holy Shrine – Baptistery of Saint Lydia of Thyatira

This is located on the River Zygaktis, west of ancient Philippi. According to Luke the Evangelist (Acts 6.11), who...

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Holy pilgrimage St Gregory - Photo I. M. Philippon
Holy Shrine of Saint Gregory

Nea Karvali in Kavala is a continuation of the old Cappadocian Karvali (Gelveri) and is a link in the...

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Monastery of Apostle Sila - Photo by Artware
Holy Monastery of Apostle Silas

At a distance of just 3 km from Kavala, following the Thessaloniki-Kavala National Road and at the exact point...

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Metropolitan church of St.John The Baptist - Photo by Artware
Holy Metropolitan Church of Saint John The Baptist (Timios Prodromos)

In 1864, the Greek Orthodox community of Kavala gained the right to build a district outside of the town...

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Church of Agios Nikolaos - Photo by Artware
Holy Church of Saint Nikolaos

The building of the church of Saint Nikolaos was erected in the mid-16th century and functioned as a mosque...

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Church of the Assumption of Mary - Photo by fashion Travel
Holy Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

The church of the Assumption of the Virgin is located in the historic district of Panagia, within the walls...

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Church of Agios Athanasios - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Holy Church of Saint Athanasius

This is the third oldest church in Kavala, after those of Timios Prodromos and the Dormition of the Virgin....

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Church of Profitis Ilias - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Holy Church of the Prophet Elias

The history of this church, which stands imposingly at the top of a cliff, above Kavala, begins in 1928...

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Church of Apostle Paul - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Holy Cathedral of Apostle Paul

The Holy Cathedral of the Apostle Paul was founded to honour and praise the fact that in this town...

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Church of Agios Georgios - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Holy Church of Saint George

The church of Saint George in Kavala, in the area of the same name in the centre of the...

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Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Panagia)

Tradition holds that the Virgin herself, in the form of a woman dressed in black with a halo, appeared...

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Holy Monastery of Saint Panteleimon

The monastery is located at the peak of Mt Ypsario, at an altitude of 770 m above the traditional...

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Monastery of Archangel Michael - Photo by Artware
Holy Monastery of Archangel Michael

In the year 1110, a small church was built on this spot, from inside of which holy water gushed...

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Monastery of Panagia Ikosafinissas - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissa

Built in AD 400, this is the oldest monastery in the region, and perhaps one of the oldest in...

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Nea Karvali, Akontisma - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Nea Karvali

This village is a continuation of the old Cappadocian Karvali and there is a long history behind it. The...

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Its geographical location, rich cultural heritage, natural sources of medicinal mud, and the active character of its inhabitants are...

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Stone bridge at Lefki - Photo by Artware
Lefki – Ano Lefki – Halkero

Located between Kavala, Nea Karvali and Halkero, are the two small villages of Lefki and Ano Lefki.

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Chrisoupoli - Photo by Artware

Following the route for Chrysoupoli, the capital of the Municipality of Nestos, on the southeast foothills of the Lekani...

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Paradisos - Photo by Artware
Xerias – Avramylia – Dialekto – Paradeisos

Driving towards the eastern edge of the region, the River Nestos, you are welcomed by the beautiful well-tended villages...

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Palia Kavala
Palia Kavala – Koryfes

Villages with an amazing natural beauty, with footpaths and a waterfall, windmill, caves and the ancient mines, completely bound...

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Zigos - Krioneri - Photo by Artware
Zygos – Kryoneri – Philippi

The village of Zygos is merged with that of Kryoneri. Traditional villages built within the green vegetation, where you...

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Vounohori – Limnia – Kranohori – Lykostomo – Polynero

The Municipality of Kavala contains breathtakingly beautiful villages that are hidden in the mountain ranges. Some parts are literally...

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Amigdaleonas photo by Artware
Amygdaleonas – Stavros

These villages act as communications nodes and suburbs of Kavala. They are located upon a mountain passage from Tenagi...

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Polystylo – Dato

Picturesque villages with a wide range of folklore events, at Polystylo in June on the Eve of Pentecost and...

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Lydia - Photo by Artware

Lydia in Kavala is a village in an area that is filled with archaeological and religious monuments.

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Vranokastro Paleochori - Photo by Artware
Antiphilippi – Palaiohori – Agios Christophoros – Georgiani – Nikisiani

Clambering onto Mt Pangaio are villages with well-known monasteries, while Vranokastro dominates the region. The customs here are like...

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Eleftheroupoli - Photo by Artware

Before reaching the administrative centre of the Municipality of Pangaio, you will be welcomed by a couple of beautiful...

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Chοrtokopi - Photo by Artware

Before 1922, this village had been known as Dranova. In 1923, with the population exchange with Turkey, it was...

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Exochi - Photo by Artware
Exohi – Kipia – Akrovouni

Near Kipia you will come to Exohi and Akrovouni, villages known for their characteristic grey-green schist stone, which is...

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Stone bridge in mount Paggeo - Photo by Iraklis Milas

Mountain villages, running waters, Byzantine monasteries, myths, history, beauty, Pangaio and its surrounding villages are an ideal destination for...

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Lagoons, lush green river banks, wild animals and birds, caves and rocks are just a few of the wonders...

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Vathi - Photo by Artware

With crystal-clean waters, golden sandy beaches, pine trees that reach as far as the coasts, dense forests and olive...

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Water sources at Agia Varvara - Photo from Drama's P.E archive

At a distance of 37 km from Kavala, the region of Drama is a genuine paradise that provides an...

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Xanthi - Photo by cityofxanthi.gr

To the east of Kavala, at a distance of 53 km, is Xanthi, a vibrant hive of creativity, inspiration...

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Lion of Amfipoli - Photo from Serres P.E Tourism's Office archive

At a distance of 88.4 km to the west of Kavala is Serres, a beautiful town that combines picturesque...

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Mount Athos

The Athonite State, or else the Holy Mountain, occupies the third, most easterly and magical peninsula of Halkidiki, the...

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