20 reasons to visit

20 reasons
to visit


To see from up close a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Archaeological Site of Philippi.


To visit its grand medieval Fortress, which dominates on the acropolis of the peninsula of Panagia.


For the town’s crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, huge coastline and its organised and unexplored shores!


To walk through the picturesque lanes of the Old Town, in the peninsula of Panagia, which looks as though it has jumped out from the illustrated pages of a fantastic book!


To admire the wonderful architecture of the Imaret, one of the most distinctive examples of Ottoman baroque in the world which has now been converted into a hotel.


To take a photograph of the Kamares, the large arched aqueduct, a Kavala landmark.


For the productions of ancient drama at the Philippi Festival and for Cosmopolis, the largest ethnic festival in Greece, as well as for the concerts, dance, theatre and visual arts exhibitions, and for the traditional festivals and customs of the region!


To follow in the steps of the Apostle Paul, in the first European town that he visited to preach the word of Christ.


To discover the Baptistery and the River Zygaktis, where the Apostle Paul baptised Lydia of Thyatira, the first European Christian.


To visit the museums, monuments and sights, witnesses to the town’s great history and multiculturalism!


To discover the Balkan “Mecca of Tobacco” in the first Tobacco Museum in Greece and wander through the tobacco warehouses that adorn the town centre.


To travel through its contemporary history, by discovering the exceptionally beautiful architecture of Kyprou Street.


Because it is a gift of nature, with alternative excursions into its mountain range as well as to Pangaio and Nestos and to villages with picturesque footpaths, dense forests, waterfalls and stone bridge and an unique variety of landscapes.


To discover taverns by the sea, with wonderful seafood and fish menus, and to sample Mediterranean cuisine – filled with local delicacies, fresh fruit, traditional sweets, aromatic tsipouro and select wines!


Because at night the town comes to life and waits for you to discover it!


To indulge in the experience of an amazing spa at the Krinides Clay Treatment Centre!


To learn more about Dikili Tash – the oldest Neolithic settlement in the Balkans!


To discover some of the most important prehistoric relief sculptures carved into the rocks in Greece!


For a brief escape to one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, verdant Thassos – directly opposite Kavala!


Because it combines everything that might appeal to even the most demanding visitor or savvy traveller, and also because with Kavala as your base, you can explore the special beauties of the surrounding region.

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20 reasons to visit

To visit its grand medieval Fortress, which dominates on the acropolis of the peninsula of Panagia.

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