Beautiful picturesque villages from one end to the other

When have we truly travelled to a place? What are the secrets of a complete tour of a new place, a tour that will generously offer us diverse images and plenty of stories?

A brief overview of the villages of the Municipality that can be found around Kavala will convince you that they are definitely worth exploring!

In the east

Nea Karvali, Akontisma - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Nea Karvali

This village is a continuation of the old Cappadocian Karvali and there is a long history behind it. The...

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Stone bridge at Lefki - Photo by Artware
Lefki – Ano Lefki – Halkero

Located between Kavala, Nea Karvali and Halkero, are the two small villages of Lefki and Ano Lefki.

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Chrisoupoli - Photo by Artware

Following the route for Chrysoupoli, the capital of the Municipality of Nestos, on the southeast foothills of the Lekani...

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Paradisos - Photo by Artware
Xerias – Avramylia – Dialekto – Paradeisos

Driving towards the eastern edge of the region, the River Nestos, you are welcomed by the beautiful well-tended villages...

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Port of Keramoti - Photo by Artware

On the road for Keramoti, the hospitable villages of Erateino, with its geothermic field, Chrysochori, Agiasma, Nea Karya, Monastiraki...

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Lekani - Photo by Artware
Lekani – Kechrokampos

The route for Lekani and Kechrokampos, the chief villages of the region, is demanding but at the same time...

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In the north

Palia Kavala
Palia Kavala – Koryfes

Villages with an amazing natural beauty, with footpaths and a waterfall, windmill, caves and the ancient mines, completely bound...

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Zigos - Krioneri - Photo by Artware
Zygos – Kryoneri – Philippi

The village of Zygos is merged with that of Kryoneri. Traditional villages built within the green vegetation, where you...

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Vounohori – Limnia – Kranohori – Lykostomo – Polynero

The Municipality of Kavala contains breathtakingly beautiful villages that are hidden in the mountain ranges. Some parts are literally...

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Its geographical location, rich cultural heritage, natural sources of medicinal mud, and the active character of its inhabitants are...

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Amigdaleonas photo by Artware
Amygdaleonas – Stavros

These villages act as communications nodes and suburbs of Kavala. They are located upon a mountain passage from Tenagi...

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Polystylo – Dato

Picturesque villages with a wide range of folklore events, at Polystylo in June on the Eve of Pentecost and...

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Lydia - Photo by Artware

Lydia in Kavala is a village in an area that is filled with archaeological and religious monuments.

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Vranokastro Paleochori - Photo by Artware
Antiphilippi – Palaiohori – Agios Christophoros – Georgiani – Nikisiani

Clambering onto Mt Pangaio are villages with well-known monasteries, while Vranokastro dominates the region. The customs here are like...

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Eleftheroupoli - Photo by Artware

Before reaching the administrative centre of the Municipality of Pangaio, you will be welcomed by a couple of beautiful...

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Chοrtokopi - Photo by Artware

Before 1922, this village had been known as Dranova. In 1923, with the population exchange with Turkey, it was...

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Exochi - Photo by Artware
Exohi – Kipia – Akrovouni

Near Kipia you will come to Exohi and Akrovouni, villages known for their characteristic grey-green schist stone, which is...

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Ofrinio's beach - Photo by Artware

The natural beauty, the historical and archaeological wealth, the ruins of the Byzantine walls and the Neolithic settlement as...

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Nea Iraklitsa - Photo by Artware
Nea Irakleitsa – Agios Andreas – Nea Peramos – Eleftheres – Elaiohori – Myrtofito – Folia

With an impressive coastline of over 65 km in length, in this region sand dunes, golden sandy beaches and...

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Moustheni - Photo by Artware
Moustheni – Mesoropi

Going in a south-westerly direction from Eleftheroupoli, you will encounter a number of villages whose common characteristic is dense...

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