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Kavala lives with a modern pace, offering a wide range of shops, small and large, modern and traditional…

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Where does the commercial heart of the town beat? Most of the shops in Kavala are concentrated primarily along two roads.One is Venizelou St and the other is Omonia St – without overlooking the narrow intersecting roads that unite or cut off these two streets, where the shops are just as interesting. Shops with experience in their field from generation to generation, shops with original and unique products, shops that can cover every need and desire and will not let you escape the temptation to buy something.

Along the largest pedestrian street, Megalou Alexandrou Street, you will find the Shopping Mall of Kavala. It is housed in a tobacco warehouse, which has undergone reconstruction and partial renovation. You can easily recognise it by its elegant environment, while inside you will find shops selling various goods, as well as beauty, etc. services.

And when you want to have a break from the commercial streets, take a tour of the district of Agios Nikolaos, with its own colourful market, and the port and the Old Town, ideal places for souvenirs. You are always just a few steps from the chic cafes and nightclubs, where you can enjoy a wonderful dessert and tasty snacks, a Greek coffee, fruit juices and cold beverages or a drink of your choice, as well as a local meze.

“From souvenirs to souvenirs”

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Are you looking for souvenirs from Kavala, something that will remind you of the wonderful vacation that you had or a gift for a loved one?

Then you should visit the port, an area also known as “Palia Psaradika” that is directly behind it at the beginning of Venizelou Street, as well as the Old Town of Kavala. Here there are manytouristshops selling folk and modern artworks, clothes, household goods, jewellery and various other items of daily use that are connected to the history and customs of the region. You will definitely find what you’re looking for!

Moreover, at the Tourist Information Centre, which is located opposite Eleftherias Square, you can buy photobooks, tourist guides, books, DVDs as well as small mementoes.

One building, dozens of choices

Photo from Dimofelia’s archive

At one of the most central points of Kavala, in Agiou Georgiou Square, the Municipal Market of Kavala has been housed since 1992 in a five-floor, privately owned building.

You can park your car easily, quickly and safely in its specially-built car park and then take a trip around the shops it contains.

Aisles as far as the eye can see, where the goods on sale in the stalls aredisplayed, creating a pleasing mosaic that will tempt you to discover something new and different, such as surprising new flavours that will soon become a habit.

Here you will find: fishmongers, butchers, supermarkets and a variety of greengrocers, shops selling food, drinks, prepared salads and dressings, nuts and confectionery, as well as electrical goods, wedding gifts, shoes and clothes, gardening equipment and flowers, while the Municipal Bookbindery is on the same floor.

A space, then, that can cover most of your daily needs in just one hour!

One of Greece’s most authentic bazaars

photo by Artware.

Are you ready to spend a morning filled with colour, aromas and flavours? Every Saturday morning, the heart of Greece’s most authentic bazaar beats in the town centre. The benches are spread out over a large area, next to Faliro Park, and you will be able to find everything you desire and can imagine!

Fruit and vegetables of course have pride of place in the bazaar, while local producers are honoured, offering everything good that the earth produces, as they call out how fresh their produce is, within the atmosphere of an “Anatolian” bazaar.

Herbs, small goods, clothes, textiles, and handmade pasta to cured meats complete the colourful picture of the bazaar.

Don’t be too shy to pass by the stalls againandagain as part of your market research – until you get to know “your” local producers by their first names!


A region that is rich and blessed, with goods that stand out for their amazing flavours and quality. Kourabiedes from Nea Karvali? Wines made by local wine producers? Ouzo or tsipouro? Spoon sweets? Which of all these? Here, you will find a description of just some of the best-known local products that are guaranteed to remain unforgettable!

Photo by Ntinos Panidis


Known as the best kourabiedes (a kind of shortbread) in Greece, the kourabiedes of Nea Karvali have two important features: their half-moon shape and the whole almond from the local trees that produce a small and particularly tasty nut. A mixture of cow and goat butter in a secret ratio, the correct kneading to maintain fluffiness, careful cooking so they don’t crumble and, of course, whole, roasted almonds to give them that extra flavour! Kourabiedes were first made in the region after the settlement of the Greeks of the Asia Minor Disaster.


The Regional Unit of Kavala is an important wine-producing region, with a total of 23 wineries that produce 99 different wines.They are mainly based in the Municipality of Pangaion as well as in that of Kavala. Their wine, of excellent quality and with many choices for all tastes, has continuously won many distinctions in Greece and abroad!


Local ouzo and tsipouro (pomace brandy) – with aniseed or without – are produced in the region according to secret traditional recipes by the spirits producers of Kavala, and are justifiably considered among the best in Greece. Ouzo and tsipouro were not given the name “distillates of joy” by chance. Ouzo is even recognised as a national product by the European Union, while tsipouro is famed for its close relationship to the grape and its beneficial qualities!


Spoon sweets are among the region’s most characteristic products: walnuts, figs, chestnuts and olive spoon sweets, made when they are ripe, with secret recipes that go back many years. They are produced by various family businesses in Thassos, Krinides, Myrtofyto, Platamonas and Nea Karvali.


Thassos honey is famed for its exceptionally deliciousflavour. Since antiquity and until today Thassos has been an important centre of beekeeping, producing honey rich in minerals, with an excellent aroma, taste and high nutritional value. Also of excellent quality is the honey that is produced in the region of Kavala.


The gulf of Kavala, the local fishermen say, has the most nutritional waters and tastiest fish in the Mediterranean. The fishing boats arrive one after the other, with a “good catch”: shrimps, lobsters, crabs, octopus, sole, bonito, bream, flying fish, sardines and all the riches of the seabed are fished in the bay of Kavala.


The kiwi is one of the fruits that is richest in vitamins, with many benefits for the human body. The kiwi fruit, with its intense green colour and juicy texture, is exported to several different countries, such as France, Spain, Poland, Russia and South Africa.


The asparagus of Kavala is of excellent quality and known throughout the world. Highly sought after in France, Germany and Italy, they are grown with the aim, weather permitting, to be ready for sale from late February to early March. They contain calcium, phosphorus, and iron and have a high vitamin B and C content. They are an easy vegetable to work with, tasty and with a light flavour, giving an accent to the ingredients they accompany. They can be used in salads, omelettes, tarts and to accompany meats.


In the Nestos Delta, Chrysoupolis beans have been grown for over 100 years now. Thanks to ground and climate conditions, they are distinguished for their sweet flavour and bright, white colour. You can find them in two varieties: the Tsali Chrysoupolis Bean (thick) and the Medium Chrysoupolis Bean (Northern type).


Almonds of exceptional quality flourish in the beach area of Ofrynio in the Municipality of Pangaion, famed throughout the whole of Greece and abroad.


Anthotyro, feta, galotyri, graviera, kefalotyri and smoked mozzarella are just some of the cheeses produced in the region of Kavala, and are processed by the dairy farmers themselves. You will be able to sample them in various local tavernas and can purchase them at various sales points in the town centre.


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