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A beach with organised facilities in a beautiful, picturesque gulf 4 km from Kavala, which has been awarded a...

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Tosca - Photo by Artware

A beach that makes you feel so close yet so far from the bustle of the centre. Tosca has...

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Perigiali - Photo by Giannis Giannelos

At the east exit of the town is Perigiali, a semi-organised beach that can easily be reached by public...

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Rapsani - Photo by Artware

For those who don’t want to go far from the town, Rapsani is an ideal choice for a dip,...

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Kalamitsa - Photo by Tetracopterakias

The Municipality of Kavala’s beach with organised services at the west entrance to the town is a top choice...

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Palio - Photo by Artware

Palio, built amphitheatrically, is one of the most beautiful resorts in Kavala, as it combines the beauty of the...

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Nea Iraklitsa - Photo by Artware
Nea Irakleitsa

At Nea Irakleitsa, you will find a picturesque harbour framed by one of the most beautiful little villages in...

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Nea Peramos - Photo by Artware
Nea Peramos

Nea Peramos has amazing beaches and wonderful tavernas. Free entry to the beach, pedestrian areas and pleasant strolls, with...

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Cape Vrasidas Photo by Artware
Cape Vrasidas

Between Ammolofoi and Nea Peramos, behind the hill of Anaktoroupolis, stretches the peninsula of Vrasidas.

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Ammolofoi photo by Artware

West of Peramos you will find the exotic beaches of Ammolofoi. The fine white sand in combination with the...

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Tower of Apollonia

The Tower of Apollonia is located on the old Kavala-Thessaloniki motorway, between the mouth of the River Strymonas and...

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Ammoglossa photo by Artware
Ammoglossa Keramotis

The sea and the pine forest along the coast of Keramoti offer a typical image of Greece. This strip...

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Archaeological Museum of Kavala - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Archaeological Museum of Kavala

The Archaeological Museum of Kavala is considered one of the most important museums of its kind in Greece.

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Mohamed Ali house Interior - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Mohammed Ali Museum

The house of Mohammed Ali is today a museum and transports the visitor back to the Kavala of the...

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Archaeological Museum of Philippi - Photo by Artware
Archaeological Museum of Philippi

The Archaeological Museum of Philippi contains two exhibition units in which the finds from the excavations in the ancient...

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Tobacco Museum of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Tobacco Museum

The Tobacco Museum is a modern industrial and experiential museum, with a rich array of exhibits.

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Ναυτικό Μουσείο - Φωτογραφία Artware
Naval Museum

The museum is a member of the Nautical Museums of Greece and, since 2008, a full member of the...

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History and Ethnology Museum - Photo by Artware
Historical and Ethnological Museum of Nea Karvali

This museum was created in order to preserve the history of the Hellenism of Cappadocia.

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Wax Figures Museum - Photo by Theodoros Kokkinidis
Waxworks Museum

In the Waxworks Museum you will come face-to-face with some of the greatest figures from Greece and abroad.

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Olives Museum - Photo by Artware
Oil and Olive Museum

The Oil and Olive Museum, the only one of its kind in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, covers an area...

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Museum of Greek Refugees

The Museum was created with love and solicitude by the descendants of -second and third generation- refugees.

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Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure

Every September The Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure is organised because of the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy...

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Philippi Festival

One of the largest cultural events in the town is undoubtedly the Philippi Festival of Kavala. It is the...

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Dub Inc performing at the castle of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Magdalasidis
Cosmopolis Festival

Since July 2000, the Municipality of Kavala and the Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala – Dimofelia have been organising...

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Φεστιβάλ Wood Water Wild - Φωτογραφία Όλγα Σιμιτσή
Wood Water Wild Festival

An alternative music, sport and outdoor festival that takes place each year at the beginning of the summer, within...

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Photo from DE.PE.THE archive

The Municipal and Regional Theatre (DIPETHE) of Kavala is the main focus of theatrical activity in the town of...

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Διεθνής Ημέρα Μουσείων - Φωτογραφία Artware
International Museum Day

The International Council of Museums (ICOM), in its effort to highlight the role of museums in contemporary society established...

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Festivities for the Liberation of Kavala - Photo by Tsoutsas Laskaris
Eleftheria – Apostle Paul Festivities

Each year the Municipality of Kavala, as part of the celebrations for the liberation of Kavala from the Bulgarian...

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Kavala Night City Run - Photo by the Fan Club of Kavala
Kavala Night City Run

This race takes place each September in the town of Kavala, along the main streets, in the squares, the...

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Sports weekend - Photo from Municipality of Kavala's archive
Athletics Weekend

The Athletics Weekend in Kavala is organised every September by the Youth, Sports and Education Committee of Kavala in...

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Zigos Run and MTB race - "Forest Trails" - Photo by bncycling.com
Zigos Run and MTB Race – Forest Routes

Running and mountain biking races or a combination of the two for all those athletes who want to test...

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Καθαρά Δευτέρα στο πάρκο Φαλήρου - Φωτογραφία Artware
Clean Monday

This event has been held every Clean Monday since 1984. Lasting for approximately 8 hours, it takes place each...

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People celebrating the "Arapis" custom - Photo by emtgreece.com
The custom of the “Arapides”

This ancient custom is revived on 6 January at Nikisiani in the Municipality of Pangaio. It takes us directly...

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People celebrating "Sagia" custom - Photo by Nea Karvali Cultural Centre
The custom of the “Sagia”

This custom comes from Gelveri in Cappadocia and it was used to welcome the new year. It is celebrated...

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Μέλι - φωτογραφία Artware
Honey and Bee Products Festival

At the sweetest festival to be held in the Municipality of Kavala you will have the opportunity to sample,...

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Argiculture festival - Photo by Nea Karia Cultural Assosiation
Farmer’s Fair

This event was established by the Cultural and Educational Association of Nea Karya as an expression of gratitude to...

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Paragliding – Free Fall – Rafting

Are you adrenaline enthusiasts? If you are looking for a way to enjoy Kavala from above or if you...

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Scuba diving

The clean and calm waters of the region of Kavala are ideal for scuba diving. In addition to the...

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When you combine the charm of the landscape with that of the sea, then Kavala is surely the ideal...

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Clibing walls: Photo by climbing-greece.com

Kavala has several indoor climbing walls for bouldering and rope climbing. The sports clubs in Kavala that manage the...

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Water Sports - Friends Watersports archive
Water sports

Are you a lover of adventures at sea? If you are looking for a suitable spot in Kavala to...

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Enduro Kavala photo by North Star enduro-touring.gr
Enduro Routes

The town of Kavala, with its privileged geographical position, built between mountain and sea, offers many possibilities for alternative...

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4x4 Routes - Photo by Vicky Lalikou
4×4 Routes

The need to escape from daily life and for recreation within nature in combination with movement in a vehicle...

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Horse Academy “Katsiti”, Photo by Ioannis Magdalasidis
Horse Riding

The Equestrian Tourism Centre at Dato offers nature-loving rides to those with or without a knowledge of horse-riding, riding...

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Karnayio area - Photo by Divo graphics
The town shipyards

Fine, then… You have walked through the lanes of the town and drank coffee. There is one point next...

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Lighthouse at Panagia area - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
The town Lighthouses

The Lighthouse district, as the locals always call it, is one of the most magical parts of Panagia, and...

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The rocks at Agia Varvara area - Photo by Artware
Rocks of Agia Varvara

The beach of the eastern suburbs! Start at Petradakia, the coastal area near the Old General Hospital of Kavala,...

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The rocks at Panagia area - Photo by Artware
Rocks of Panagia

Follow the steps that lead below the rocks at the Lighthouse of the Old Town.

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Faliro Park - Photo by Thodoros Papadopoulos
Faliro Park

A magical place. This is where your walk begins and ends, according to the day and your mood.Here where...

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Sfageia area - Photo by Artware
The harbour of the old Sfageia

And just then, when you think the town has come to an end, you see another picturesque harbour. Prepare...

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Beach located behind the Lucy Hotel - Photo by Ntinos Thomadakis
Behind the Lucy Hotel

In between the last apartment blocks and the Lucy hotel there hides a small beach.

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Pentakosia grove - Photo by Artware
Pentakosion Grove

The east side of the town also has its green space. Next to the district of Pentakosion, this grove...

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Panagouda grove - Photo Dimofelia archives
Panagouda Grove

A refreshing spotnext to the centre of town, Panagouda Grove, with a picturesque churchlocated at its west entrance, playing...

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Agios Panteleimonas - location Stavros - Photo by Tetracopterakias
Agios Panteleimonas – at Stavros

If you find yourselves in Kavala in the evening, it is impossible for your eye not to be drawn...

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“Panagia”, the Old Town

A stroll through the Old Town of Kavala is an experience that you will want to have and have...

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The port of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Gianelos
Port and Coastal Zone

The coastal pedestrian zone that leads to the port of Kavala is one of the most beautiful walks through...

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Aerial photo of Kiprou str. - Photo by Artware
Kapnergatis Square and Kyprou Street

One very beautiful route through the town is that which goes from Kapnergatis Square to the paved Kyprou Street,...

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Old Kavala's environmental path - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Palia Kavala Nature Trail

One of the most beautiful walking routes that is well worth discovering is the nature trail of Palia Kavala.

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Water route - Photo by EOS Kavala
Kavala – Palia Kavala Footpath (The water road)

This is one of the most important footpaths in Kavala, not just for its aesthetic value but primarily for...

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The suburban forest of Kavala - Photo by EOS Kavala
The suburban forest of Kavala

Suburban forests, in addition to their aesthetic and environmental benefits for urban areas, offer the inhabitants of towns quick...

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Via Egnatia - Φωτογραφία ΕΟΣ Καβάλας
Ancient Via Egnatia

The town of Kavala has the good fortune of preserving at its outskirts a large section of the ancient...

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By melding the history of the town with its local produce and cooking techniques, we can see the gastronomic...

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