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Before the journey

Below you can find some general yet essential information on Greece for before you travel and during your stay here.

Capital: Athens

Official language: Greek

Currency: Euro (€ EUR)

Time zone: GMT +2

Climate: Mild Mediterranean

Population: 10.432.481 (2021 census)

Political system: Parliamentary Republic

Dialling code: The international dialling code for Greece is +30

Before travelling to Greece, you should:

  • Check if a visa or passport needs to be issued in your country of origin and make the necessary arrangements in good time.
  • Contact your bank to inform them of the use of a debit or credit card and cash withdrawals from an ATM abroad.
  • Be aware that the electric current in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz). Consequently, for devices from North America to work correctly a convertor is needed, while devices from the United Kingdom need a special adaptor.
  • Have a health insurance plan.
  • Contact your phone company and inform them that you will be using your mobile phone abroad.


New Year: 1 January

Epiphany: 6 January

Clean Monday: 41 days before Easter

Independence Day and Feast of the Annunciation: 25 March

Easter: Good Friday until Easter Monday

Labour Day: 1 May

Pentecost: Celebrated 50 days after Easter

Dormition of the Virgin: 15 August

28 October: National holiday – school and military parade

Christmas: 25 December


The country’s official language is Greek. Most of the locals speak English while there are also population groups that speak German, French, Albanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Russian.


Religious tolerance and freedom of religion are guaranteed by the constitution of Greece. Most of the population is Christian Orthodox, while there are places where the rituals and customs of different religions may be performed.


The official currency is the euro (€). Exchange rates are clearly written in all banks that accept exchange currency while holders ofdebit and credit cards may withdraw euros from the ATMs of collaborating banks. Exchanging euros into other foreign currency can also be done at the Bank of Greece.Currency exchange at the Bank of Greece covers the following 9 currencies: (USD) US dollar, (GBP) pound sterling, (DKK) Danish krone, (SEK) Swedish Krona, (JPY) Japanese yen, (CHF) Swiss franc, (NOK) Norwegiankrone, (CAD) Canadian dollar and (AUD) Australian dollar. Currency exchanges can also be done at foreign exchange bureaux, which are located in airports and certain central ports in the large cities, as well as several tourist destinations. A passport is needed to exchange currency.

We recommend that visitors from Bulgaria and Turkey exchange their national currencies into euros before visiting Greece. Alternatively, they can withdraw euros from the ATMs of collaborating banks.


Check if you need a visa or passport issued by your country of origin and make all necessary arrangements in good time. For further information, visit the Greek National Tourism Organisation website at


Visitors travelling from countries of the European Union who wish to receive essential medical treatment in Greece must have a European Health Card (EHIC) or any other legal EU document, which will be issued by the relevant insurance agency and on the basis of which part or all of the amount of the hospital fees is covered. In these cases, the necessary treatment in Greece is given by:

  • the Health Units or local doctors clinics
  • the Regional Clinics (formerly rural) or the ESY Health Centre
  • the Contracted External Hospital Clinics

For those whose country is not a member of the European Union and who wish to visit Greece, for any possible healthcare needs they must consult their insurer before travelling.

During your stay


  • Emergency Services: 166
  • Kavala General Hospital: +30 2513 501100
  • European Emergency Telephone Number: 112
  • SOS Doctors: 1016
  • Poison Control Centre: +30 210 7793777
  • Police Emergency Services: 100
  • Kavala Police Headquarters: +30 2510 622200
  • Municipal Police: +30 2513 500320
  • Kavala Traffic Police: +30 2510 622225
  • Fire Service: 199
  • Tourism Police: 1571
  • Port Authority Emergency Services: 108
  • Kavala Port Authority: +30 2510 223716, +30 2510 224472
  • Megas Alexandros Kavala Airport: +30 25910 53400
  • Kavala Radio Taxi: +30 2510 232001 – 4
  • Long-distance KTEL buses – Kavala Station: +30 2510 222294, +30 2510 223593
  • Local KTEL Buses: +30 2510 222218


The international dialling code for Greece is +30. If you wish to make a call from abroad, you must dial +30followed by the telephone number.


Kavala has wide mobile phone coverage that offers users of telecommunications services a high quality of provision.
For those of you who are visiting from within the EU, you will not pay roaming charges when using your mobile phone when you travel to another EU country. For those of you who are visiting from countries outside the EU we recommend that you contact your provider in order to activate International Roaming services from your phone.


Public Services: Monday-Friday, 7:30-15:00
Post Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00-18:00
Banks: Monday-Friday, 8:00-14:00
Shop opening hours:During the winter months:open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 8:30-14:00 / Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30-14:00 and 17:30-20:30. During the summer months:open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 8:30-14:00 / Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30-14:00 and 18:00-21:00
Pharmacies: There are no restrictions on the opening hours of pharmacies, but they are usually open from 08:00-14:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays they are also open in the evening, 17:30-21:00. There are also on call pharmacies, which are open all hours and at weekends. You will be able to find these from the lists posted on the doors of all pharmacists and online.


Free car parks

  • Peristeri Car park (Peristeri, Chrysostomou Smyrnis at Verouleio Stadium)

Car parks with a fee

  • Agios Ioannis Car park (Venizelou and Velissariou)
  • Rodopi Car park (Venizelou and Mitropoleos)
  • Dimarchias Car park (behind the town hall)
  • ΝΟΚ Car park (Dangli and Ethnikis Antistasis)
  • Agiou Georgiou Car park (Agiou Georgiou Square)
  • Municipal Market of Kavala Car park (Agiou Georgiou Square)
  • Customs House Car park (Port, Customs House)
  • Local Government Building Car park (Erythrou Stavrou)

The information platform for the car parks of the Municipality of Kavala allows you to check in real time the availability of monitored parking lots.

Controlled parking zones (white and blue markings)
In the city center there are controlled parking zones. On the blue markings is allowed only for permanent residents of the area, while on the white markings is also allowed for visitors using a scratch card.

ATTENTION: In loading and unloading zones (yellow markings), parking is permitted only by service vehicles for the purpose of loading and unloading goods. Parking in these zones is overseen by the Kavala Municipal Police.


  • AVANCE Rent a Car
    Kavala Airport, 64200 Kavala
    Phone: +30 25910 53250
    7 Kountourioti Street, 65302 Kavala
    Phone: +30 2510 223020
    9 El. Venizelou Street, 65302 Kavala
    Phone: +30 697 889 0241
    32 Erythrou Stavrou Street, 65403 Kavala
    Phone: +30 2510 838310
    14 Kountourioti Street, 65201 Kavala
    Phone: +30 2510 622320
    Kavala Airport, 64200 Kavala
    Phone: +30 25910 51900
  • Enterprise
    Kavala Airport, 64200 Kavala
    Phone: +30 25910 53222
  • Hertz Thrifty
    Kavala Airport, 64200 Kavala
    Phone: +30 25910 53320


Most hotels in Kavala permit pets, on prior arrangement. Travelling with a pet on public transport or with taxi companies is permitted but it is recommended that you contact them first.


The local water is drinkable so do not hesitate to drink water offered by hospitality facilities, and from restaurants and outdoor fountains.


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