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By melding the history of the town with its local produce and cooking techniques, we can see the gastronomic richness of Kavala.

Photo by Artware

The different gastronomic cultures of the people who passed through this place led to the marriage of the flavours of the East with those of the West, the traditional with the modern. The journey begins long ago, in the years of Alexander the Great, and continues to the arrival of the refugees and the urbanisation of Kavala.

Seafood is combined with pilaf and spices, sesame seed oil is replaced by olive oil and butter, the refugees bring the memories of their flavours and the rich tobacco merchants provide a European edge to the local cuisine, always through aromas that are sweet, beautiful and nostalgic.

You will meet these different influences in the town’s restaurants, which by always using fresh ingredients and exceptional produce from local farmers, take full responsibility for your culinary explorations, ready to cover your daily meals and the most demanding gastronomic requests. Along the length of the port, in the centre of the town and in its various districts, the food choices available to you are plentiful, ranging from something on the go to the classic dishes. Are you hungry? We have everything here!


Karaoli square photo by Fashion travel

photo by Fashion travel

In the area of Karaoli Square you will find traditional fish tavernas, famed for their fresh fish and traditional method of cooking them. As an informed traveller, however, do not hesitate to discover the little corners with special gourmet selections.


Agios Nikolaos photo by Thodoros Papadopoulos

photo by Thodoros Papadopoulos

In the district of Agios Nikolaos you will find meze restaurants and tavernas, each offering its own unique flavours, reflecting the gastronomic culture of the town, in a combination that will draw you in by the nose with its aromas!


Old Town - Photo by Artware

photo by Artware

Climbing up to the Old Town you may find your strengths start to betray you, but the aromas from the delicious platters never will! In the picturesque tavernas, with sensible menus at reasonable prices as well as gourmet creations, choose whatever suits you – and enjoy it in the shadow of the wonderful Imaret.


The port at

Photo by Giannis Giannelos

The little port in the district of Sfageia is another popular destination for lovers of seafood, as it is located just 10 minutes from the centre of town. As soon as you arrive, you will be one step from the waves, with the sea breeze whispering the delicious menu to you!


Local delicacies - Photo by Artware

Photo by Artware.

In the district of Kalamitsa and Agios Loukas, to the west of the town, you will discover a neighbourhood of tavernas, popular for their hearty proposals for a good meal, always using fresh produce and local farmers.


Local delicacies - Photo by Artware

Photo by Artware.

The restaurants and tavernas in the mountain region of the Municipality of Kavala create mouth-watering dishes for the most demanding gourmands, with fresh ingredients directly from the garden and good meat reared by local farmers.

In the coastal areas aside from the centre of town, charming little tavernas will pique the interest of visitors with their own particular meal proposals. Every route you take can have a new taste experience as its destination!


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