Potato Festival


Potato Festival

photo by Dimofelia archive.

This festival showcases the local produce of the region, the Lekani potato, which is renowned for its delicious flavour. The potato has a starring role in the event, being cooked in a variety of ways by the women of the village and the members of the “I Rizes” association.

The festival takes place on the first Sunday of September. During the festival, there is a presentation of Pontian customs and traditions by the association’s dance groups (children and adults), and an offering of Pontian dishes, topped off with a rich Pontian and folk music programme by local performers. The festival is organised by the “I Rizes” Cultural Association of Lekani.

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“I Rizes” Cultural Association of Lekani
Eleni Karamanlidoy

+30 6955 519 803



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