Kavala is a place that knows how to party, to entertain and to enjoy. Depending on the season you go, you will encounter a rich programme of events. Whichever ones you choose to attend, one thing is certain: that you will have a great time!


Philippi Festival

One of the largest cultural events in the town is undoubtedly the Philippi Festival of Kavala. It is the...

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Dub Inc performing at the castle of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Magdalasidis
Cosmopolis Festival

Since July 2000, the Municipality of Kavala and the Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala – Dimofelia have been organising...

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Φεστιβάλ Wood Water Wild - Φωτογραφία Όλγα Σιμιτσή
Wood Water Wild Festival

An alternative music, sport and outdoor festival that takes place each year at the beginning of the summer, within...

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Καθαρά Δευτέρα στο πάρκο Φαλήρου - Φωτογραφία Artware
Clean Monday

This event has been held every Clean Monday since 1984. Lasting for approximately 8 hours, it takes place each...

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People celebrating the "Arapis" custom - Photo by
The custom of the “Arapides”

This ancient custom is revived on 6 January at Nikisiani in the Municipality of Pangaio. It takes us directly...

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People celebrating "Sagia" custom - Photo by Nea Karvali Cultural Centre
The custom of the “Sagia”

This custom comes from Gelveri in Cappadocia and it was used to welcome the new year. It is celebrated...

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Ποντιακός Γάμος - Φωτογραφία αρχείο Δημωφέλεια
Staging of a Pontian Wedding

An event that has taken place continuously since 1976 on the feast day of St Thomas in the central...

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Photo from DE.PE.THE archive

The Municipal and Regional Theatre (DIPETHE) of Kavala is the main focus of theatrical activity in the town of...

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Διεθνής Ημέρα Μουσείων - Φωτογραφία Artware
International Museum Day

The International Council of Museums (ICOM), in its effort to highlight the role of museums in contemporary society established...

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Festivities for the Liberation of Kavala - Photo by Tsoutsas Laskaris
Eleftheria – Apostle Paul Festivities

Each year the Municipality of Kavala, as part of the celebrations for the liberation of Kavala from the Bulgarian...

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Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure

Every September The Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure is organised because of the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy...

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Kavala Night City Run - Photo by the Fan Club of Kavala
Kavala Night City Run

This race takes place each September in the town of Kavala, along the main streets, in the squares, the...

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Sports weekend - Photo from Municipality of Kavala's archive
Athletics Weekend

The Athletics Weekend in Kavala is organised every September by the Youth, Sports and Education Committee of Kavala in...

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Zigos Run and MTB race - "Forest Trails" - Photo by
Zigos Run and MTB Race – Forest Routes

Running and mountain biking races or a combination of the two for all those athletes who want to test...

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Μέλι - φωτογραφία Artware
Honey and Bee Products Festival

At the sweetest festival to be held in the Municipality of Kavala you will have the opportunity to sample,...

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Argiculture festival - Photo by Nea Karia Cultural Assosiation
Farmer’s Fair

This event was established by the Cultural and Educational Association of Nea Karya as an expression of gratitude to...

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Clams & Sardines Festival - Photo by Nestos Municipality
Mussels and Sardines Festival

The Mussels and Sardines Festival is one of the region’s gastronomic festivals, which showcases the exceptional quality of the...

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Γιορτή Πατάτας - Φωτογραφία αρχείο Δημωφέλεια
Potato Festival

This festival showcases the local produce of the region, the Lekani potato, which is renowned for its delicious flavour....

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Farming Festival
Livestock festival

Each October over 600 kilos of goat meat are cooked in the village of Platamonas – reared in the...

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Chestnut Festival - Photo by Artware
Chestnut Festival

Each October at Palaiohori, the Municipality of Pangaio holds a festival using a chestnut pan! The reason? Plenty of...

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"Sarma" Festival - Photo by Kavala Post
Sarma Festival

Every June the “Arapis” Cultural Association of Nikisiani holds the festival of the sarma in the forecourt of the...

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Tsipouro Festival - Photo by Ilias Nikiforidis
Tsipouro Festival

This event has taken place since 2003 on the beachside pedestrian zone of Nea Peramos on the last weekend...

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