Staging of a Pontian Wedding


Staging of a Pontian Wedding

An event that has taken place continuously since 1976 on the feast day of St Thomas in the central square of Zygos in Kavala and is the highpoint of the activities of the village’s Pontian Association.

photo from Dimofelia’s archive.

The aim is to revive the customs and traditions of the Pontian wedding, with traditional dishes, such as keşkek και pisia, and to entertain the locals and visitors. There is also a performance with traditional music played on traditional instruments and with dancers from the “Ypsilantis” Pontian Association of Zygos, and other associations in the Regional Unit.

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“Ypsilantis” Pontian Association of Zygos
Panagiotis Pahidis

+30 6947 626719

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