Chestnut Festival


Chestnut Festival

Each October at Palaiohori, the Municipality of Pangaio holds a festival using a chestnut pan! The reason? Plenty of chestnuts, wine, and tsipouro spirits, which are prepared to sweetly warm the palate.

Photo by Artware.

This event takes place in the chestnut forest of Palaiohori on the last Sunday of October and lasts for about eight hours.

Its aim is to promote the local product of Pangaio as well as the natural wealth of the region. Throughout the day, roasted and boiled chestnuts are on offer, accompanied by wine and tsipouro. Guests also have the chance to collect chestnuts from the woods, and in this way enjoy the nature of Pangaio, as it prepares to welcome the winter.

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Public Benefit Organisation of the Municipality of Pangaio

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