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Port and Coastal Zone

The coastal pedestrian zone that leads to the port of Kavala is one of the most beautiful walks through the town. Discover it on foot or by using the municipal bicycle-sharing system.

photo by Artware

Start at the Municipal Park of Faliro, where you can gaze out from the rest stops that can be found here, both to the east and the west of the town and over the horizon of the sea. Continue as far as the fairground and walk along the characteristic mole of the Yachting Club of Kavala, known as “NOK”, from where you will be able to enjoy the view of the peninsula with the Fortress, the picturesque houses of Panagia and the little boats as they dock.

This is where the coastal zone of Kavala begins. Walk across it, admiring the port and the Old Town of Panagia, and observing the fishermen unknotting their nets, and the sailing boats that are lost on the horizon. Continue as far as the Customs House, where the boats from Thassos moor, to enjoy a view over the town and the sea.

In the past few years the port and town of Kavala have attracted many of the large cruise boats that do part of their journeys around the Eastern Mediterranean here and, naturally, as one of the most important stops for travellers following the “steps of the Apostle Paul”. Today the central port of Kavala serves passenger traffic, tourism, the fishing fleet and marine sports.

Go for a stroll early in the morning towards the coast zone: you will see a spectacular view, with the fishing boats returning with the day’s catch and the seagulls following them!

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