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Horse Riding

Horse Academy “Katsiti”, Photo by Ioannis Magdalasidis

At the Horse Riding Sports Club of Polystylo you can learn the sports of competitive equestrianism, horse jumping and dressage. The therapeutic riding section is an important part of the Club and is taught by specialist trainers. You can also visit the Club to ride the horses and enjoy this wonderful experience in the outdoors.

The Equestrian Tourism Centre at Dato offers nature-loving rides to those with or without a knowledge of horse-riding, riding lessons for children and adults, journeys in a carriage and therapeutic riding. There is a Horse Riding Academy at the Centre for children aged 6 to 10.

The “Katsiti” Equestrian Academy teaches about the relationship between rider and horse, the ways of safe approach and horse riding. The academy offers visitors the possibility of therapeutic riding, horse or carriage rides and horse rental for photography.

Useful information

Horse Riding Sports Club of Kavala

Polystylo, 64003 Kavala

+30 694 776 0116

Equistrian club Kavala

Equestrian Tourist Center of Datos Kavala

Horse Academy “Katsiti”

Dato 64003, Kavala

+30 6984361110

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