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Ancient Via Egnatia

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The town of Kavala has the good fortune of preserving at its outskirts a large section of the ancient Via Egnatia. This is the old arterial road that, until the early 20th century, was the main road that connected Neapolis (an earlier name for Kavala) with the ancient city of Philippi. This route is of great historical and cultural significance. As a walking route, it has no particular difficulties, can be completed in a short period of time and is an easy route.


The Greek Mountaineering Club of Kavala describes the route as follows:

The ancient Via Egnatia is today divided into two sections, due to the motorways from Agios Silas that have been built. One section runs down from Agios Silas to the village of Stavros, looks out over the plain of Philippi and has a length of 400 m. The second and more interesting section of the old Via Egnatia, with a length of 1100 m, begins at the intersection of Egnatia and Makedonia Streets, beneath the Egnatia Hotel, and ends up at Jokaste Street. You can easily walk the well-preserved stone pavement that ascends alongside the stream or, even better, walk down it with the beautiful view of the town and its Fortress in front of you, while at the same time getting an idea of the picture visitors to Kavala saw in the old days.

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