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Palia Kavala Nature Trail

One of the most beautiful walking routes that is well worth discovering is the nature trail of Palia Kavala. It is located along the length of the stream of the village and covers a distance of approximately 3 km, directly next to the Zygos – Palia Kavala road.

 Photo by Giannis Giannelos

This is a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, where you will discover nature’s hidden beauties, enjoy the natural shade of the perennial plane trees, refresh yourselves in the crystal-clear waters of the springs, and be charmed by the wild beauty of a plane tree grove that is unique to this region. You will admire the special flora, and see vines suspended and ivy snaking its way up the trunks of plane trees, as though you are in a small jungle.

At some point along the footpath you will come to a wonderfully restored watermill, which can be visited on prior agreement with the Palia Kavala Association so that you can discover the traditional way of grinding wheat. You will also see a fulling mill, or a “doulapi” as the locals called it, where they washed their capes and rugs. Steep rocks and small caves can also be seen all around.

The thing that will most impress you, however, is the wonderful waterfall. There is no need to look for it, as its location is given away by the gurgling waters which can be heard from a distance. The waterfall, which descends from a height of approximately 10 m, is divided into two levels. Its gushing waters have shaped the rocks and created two impressive pools with crystal-clear waters, which you can dive into without fear in the summer months!


On the Kavala – Drama national road, at the intersection with the military airport of Amygdaleonas, turn right in the direction of the mountain (for Palia Kavala). After 4 km you will come to the Zygos – Palia Kavala intersection, where you should turn right for Palia Kavala. Approximately 300 m later, there is a dirt road to your right which after about 1 km leads to the old quarry. Once you reach the quarry, follow the dirt road to its left where it rises and leads, after a few metres, to the west entrance of the footpath. The eastern entrance to the footpath is more easily accessible. At the entrance to the village of Palia Kavala, to the right of the Zafiris taverna, there is a sloping dirt road that soon leads to the entrance to the footpath.

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