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Photo by Giannis Giannelos

The village of Zygos is merged with that of Kryoneri. Traditional villages built within the green vegetation, where you can enjoy the beauty of the plain of Philippi. At Kryoneri you can enjoy the traditional regional cuisine in the local tavernas as well as in the beautifully-designed areas of the Papadopoulos Estate.

Following the provincial road towards the village of Philippi, you can take a stop for a coffee just before entering the village and have a look at the impressive pre-historic rock engravings that are located 100 m from here. To find them, look for the low wooden fence that encloses them. To see their relief designs better, sprinkle a little water on their surface.

The village of Philippi took its name from ancient Philippi, although the locals call it Seliani. Don’t try to find the archaeological site of Philippi! This is located 10 km away, next to the village of Krinides.

Distance from Kavala:
Zygos 15 km
Kryoneri 16 km
Philippi 18 km

The reconstruction of a Pontian wedding at Zygos takes place each year on the Sunday of Thomas and must not under any circumstances be missed! Also, in August, it is worth visiting the little church of Transfiguration of Christ during its feast day.

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