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Thassos, the jewel of the Aegean Sea

With crystal-clean waters, golden sandy beaches, pine trees that reach as far as the coasts, dense forests and olive trees, ancient monuments and traditional villages, the aromas of thyme and pine everywhere, Thassos is the perfect destination for a nearby getaway!

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They have called it “Emerald island”, “Green island”, “Emerald of the Aegean”… And yet, words are not enough to describe the unparalleled beauty of Thassos. Legend has it that it was the Homeric island of the Sirens, and not unjustly as it always captivated and continues to captivate travellers with its beauty. With a historical and cultural interest of its own, today it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who choose to spend their vacations here every year.


Giola - Photo by Artware

Photo by Artware.

Hiking, mountain biking, motocross, caving, swimming or camping on the golden sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters and pristine sea beds. Moreover, the island has many different footpaths for walking routes of environmental and cultural interest, some of which you can find at the website and by clicking on the Tools menu.

You should visit

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All the island’s beaches. The perimeter road that runs around the island enables visitors to choose the beaches that suit them. Bustling or otherwise, all the beaches of Thassos without exception are known for their unparalleled beauty: Chrysi Ammoudia, Makryammos, Pachy, Glyfada, Glyfoneri, Papalimani, Nysteri, Kinyra, Paradisos, Alykes, Psili Ammos, Potos, Agios Antonios and Metallia.

The island’s mountain villages of Panagia, Theologos and Mikro and Megalo Kazaviti (otherwise known as Mikros and Megalos Prinos). A stroll through their lanes, their traditional architecture and their natural beauties, with water running in their marble fountains can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. As for a visit to the village of Limenaria, this is a must! The view over the Aegean Sea from the “Palataki”, the grand early 20th-century building in the eclectic style that once housed the headquarters of the local mining company, is stunning.

The archaeological sights. The ancient theatre of Limenas and the Archaeological Museum, where the visitor will discover the island’s history, the archaeological site of Alyki, the ancient marble quarries, the sanctuary of the Dioscuri, and the two three-aisled Early Christian basilicas.

The museum dedicated to the sculptor Polygnotos Vagis at Potamia.

The monastery of the Archangel Michael at Poto, which appears suspended above the sea, and the church of Agia Paraskevi at Theologos, where the icon of the Panagia is made of candle wax and mastic.

Events – Festivals

Fairs and folklore events take place on the island all-year round. The best known are the reconstruction of the Thassian wedding at Theologos, which takes place in mid-summer, the New Year’s customs, with the scattering of the olive leaves being a main feature, carnival and the Easter customs.

Specifically, on the Second Day of Easter at Kalyvia the ancient custom of “Come rain my April” is held. The locals dance and implore God to make it rain so that the vines do not dry up and they have a good harvest. The inhabitants of Theologos on the second day of Easter take the icon to the saint from the chapel in the monastery of the Archangel Michael, following a difficult footpath. They spend the night there and return the next day.

You should taste

The wonderful local products such as honey, olive oil and wine, throumpes olives, fresh fish and kid goat that have made Thassos famous worldwide. And to digest? Walnut spoon sweets and, of course, the famous pine honey of Thassos.

Useful information

How to get to Thassos: Just a breath away from Kavala, Keramoti and the airport of the Regional Unit, the ferry boat will take the visitor either to the island’s capital of Limenas or to the port of Prinos. The journey from the port of Kavala to that of Prinos takes about 1 hour. Alternatively, from Keramoti it takes just 25 minutes to reach the island’s capital of Limenas.

Take some bread or biscuits with you on the ferry boat to and from Thassos so that you can feed the seagulls that will follow you throughout the journey and enjoy a unique spectacle!


Municipality of Thassos
7 Pierre Devambez st
64004 Thassos


+30 25933 50100


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