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Nestos, the wildlife refuge

Lagoons, lush green river banks, wild animals and birds, caves and rocks are just a few of the wonders of nature that you will find in the area of Nestos.

Photo by Dimofelia’s archive.

In the Municipality of Nestos, approximately 28 km east of Kavala, is Chrysoupoli, the administrative seat of today’s municipality, built in the middle of an especially fertile plain through which the River Nestos runs. A modern town, with rich vegetation thanks to the fact that it is located next to the Nestos complex of lakes. The mountains and coasts, in combination with life in the lowlands, all together create a destination of spectacular beauty.


Rafting in the River Nestos. A river and giver of life that throughout its whole route until it discharges into the Aegean Sea, creates preconditions for life and gives colour to all the riverside areas during its perpetual progress, creating magical images.

Walking in the riverside forest and bird watching.

Try to get down the River Nestos by canoe or kayak! Visit the village of Toxotes, from where the excursions begin and enjoy a wonderful experience within nature.

You should visit

The Nestos Delta, which is located southeast of Chrysoupoli and mingles with the sea. The lush green banks, the blue sea and the shapes made by the streams create a unique scene, where nature seems to have used all its passion and imagination. The Delta is one of the most important wetlands in both Greece and Europe and is a global migratory stopover for migrating birds. A part of it is protected by the Ramsar Convention and the European Natura 2000 network.

In the mountainous borderlands of the Regional Units of Kavala and Xanthi is the Aesthetic Forest of the Strait of the River Nestos, a protected area of special natural beauty, with extremely rich flora and fauna, which is included in the “special protection areas”. Along this unique route of 22 km, you will encounter dense trees, caves in the rocks, sandy beaches and wild animals.

The famous sandspit of Keramoti, a peninsula that runs into the sea, reminiscent of an exotic destination.

The beaches of Timario and Agiasma.

The sights of religious interest: the Monastery of the Saviour at Nikites, the church of St John the Baptist at Dysvato, and the little church of the Panagia at Lekani.

The windmills at Dipotamo.

The Museums: Municipal History and Art Museum, the Lazarides Agricultural Folklore Museum at Petropigi, and the Lekani Folklore Museum.

You should taste

The local products: kiwi fruit, asparagus, melons, beans, Lekani potatoes, and meat and dairy products, which are also renowned abroad for their quality.

Useful information

How to get to Nestos: Either by plane from the airports of Chrysoupoli or Alexandroupolis, or by car.


Nestos Delta Information Centre
Keramoti, 64011 Kavala


+30 25910 51831


Riverside Nestos Forest Visitor Reception Centre
Nea Karya, 64200 Kavala

Can be visited only by arrangement
Entrance free


+30 2510 461807


Municipality of Nestos


Management Body Nestos Delta-Vistonida-Ismarida (MB)


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