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Topal Mehmet Efendi Warehouse

Καπναποθήκη Τοπάλ Μεμέτ Εφέντη - φωτογραφία Ελένη Μεντεσίδου

φωτογραφία Ελένη Μεντεσίδου

This two-storey tobacco warehouse, which is located behind the old aqueduct of Kavala (Kamares), had been the property of Topal Mehmet Efendi.

In September 1922 the Commission for the Resettlement of the Refugees settled twelve Greek refugee families in this building.

In 1956 it was purchased by D. Petrides and in 1967 by its current owner, Nikolaos G. Haitas, who runs a commercial enterprise within it.

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2 Kimonos St
65201 Kavala


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