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Municipal Tobacco Warehouse

Photo by Giannis Giannelos

The Municipal Warehouse is one of the most interesting in Kavala. It housed the company of Kiazim Emin & Cie and was built in 1910 by the businessman and tobacco merchant Kiazim Emin. The building has an Ottoman design in a style that is known as Ottoman neoclassicism, with a strong influence from the neoclassical architecture of Europe. The parapet of the roof is the most striking part of the building, upon which four crowns can be seen. Abstract representations of flowers, suns and family crests adorn this intriguing and unique facade.

The Municipality of Kavala purchased the building in 1970. The internal wooden frame of the tobacco warehouse has been retained, while the warehouse itself has been repaired and the building’s architectural and decorative virtues thus emphasised. Today it is used as a cultural venue, hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as all kinds of events, such as concerts, conferences, etc.

It should also be noted that the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse is located in Kapnergatis Square (Tobacco Worker’s Square), where the monument to the Tobacco Worker, from which the square gets its name, is located. The monument was created by Dimitrios Armakolas and was placed in the square in 1986. It depicts figures that participated in the tobacco workers’ movement, two men and a woman, in honour of the women’s movement in the struggle. The second artwork that we encounter in the square, “the hands”, is a separate sculpture, which displays the power, speed and mastery of the hands of the tobacco worker, symbolising the daily wage and persistence at work.

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Kassandrou and Averoff St
Kapnergatis Square
65403 Kavala


+30 2510 222706


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