Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissa


Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissa

Built in AD 400, this is the oldest monastery in the region, and perhaps one of the oldest in Greece.

Photo by Iraklis Milas

The contribution of the monastery to the preservation of Orthodoxy and Hellenism has been inestimable. The monastery was destroyed on many occasions throughout its history by Ottoman and Bulgarian invaders. It became the spiritual and cultural centre of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace during the War of Independence of 1821.

Until 1843 there was a school in the monastery, known as “The Common Letters or Greek School” and its purpose was to raise the educational level of the region. For a few decades in the early 20th century there was also an Agricultural School, with three agronomists. Its library was also remarkable. Before it was looted by the Bulgarians (1917) it housed 1300 volumes, of which 430 of the manuscripts were of great value.

The Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissa began to operate again in 1965, with a female order this time, and it celebrates on 15 August in memory of the Dormition of the Virgin, on 14 September in memory of the Holy Cross, and on 21 November in memory of the Presentation of the Virgin.

The monastery is located in Mt Pangaio, belongs to the Regional Unit of Serres and is part of the Holy Metropolitan Diocese of Drama.

The monastery of the Eikosifoinissa Pangaio is one of the region’s most important “treasures”, which every visitor must see from up close.

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Angisti, 62056 Serres

Distance from Kavala: 40 km


+30 251 051 6581

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