Holy Shrine of Saint Gregory


Holy Shrine of Saint Gregory

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Nea Karvali in Kavala is a continuation of the old Cappadocian Karvali (Gelveri) and is a link in the chain of a long history. Its brilliant historical path was marked decisively by the presence of Agios Grigorios (St Gregory) the Theologian, one of the greatest of our Church Fathers.

Each year, on the afternoon of the eve of his feast, on 24 January, panegyric vespers are chanted and later, in the evening, the usual vigil is held. On the feast day of Agios Grigorios, 25 January, a Divine Liturgy is performed by the bishops and immediately after there is a procession with the most sacred relic of the saint along the central roads of the Community of Nea Karvali.

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Nea Karvali, 64006 Kavala


+30 2510 316232

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