City Hall


City Hall

Photo by Iraklis Milas

The building in which the Municipality of Kavala is housed today is one of the most impressive buildings in the whole town, with a unique architectural style that appears “foreign” within the environment of Kavala and is reminiscent of a miniature Hungarian tower.

Its construction is dated to the late 1890s. It belonged to the Hungarian tobacco merchant Baron Pierre Herzog and was used as both a residence and a place of business. It has the deeply romantic features of medieval castles, such as Gothic arches on the towers and balconies, two Venetian Gothic apses on either side of the gate, a dripstone over the window and an oriel window, and is a shining example of the Gothic revival. The building was purchased by the Municipality of Kavala in 1937 and has, since then and until today, housed the office of the Mayor and some of the Mayor’s administrative services.

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10 Kyprou St
65403 Kavala


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