Y.A. Papaioannou Festival


Y.A. Papaioannou Festival

Photo from Dimofelia’s archive

This festival first took place in July 2000 and is held in the Oscar cinema, the Y.A. Papaioannou Hall in the Municipal Conservatory of Kavala, various outdoor spaces in Kavala (e.g. the beach, the Fortress) and the ancient theatre of Philippi.

The main goal of the festival is to promote the music of the Kavala composer Y.A. Papaioannou, for which reason almost each year there is a concert dedicated solely to interpretations of his works. It also aims to introduce the public to leading and internationally-renowned Greek and foreign artists and to bring the students into contact with educators who teach at large academies and universities abroad, thus guaranteeing a direct or indirect cultural dialogue.

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Municipal Conservatory of Kavala
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