20 reasons to visit

To visit its grand medieval Fortress, which dominates on the acropolis of the peninsula of Panagia.

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Fun Facts

Kavala has had 3 names over the centuries: Neapoli (7th century BC), Christoupoli (8th century AD), and Kavala (from...

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With a history carved in the stone and the sea, the apple of discord of conquerors, and flooded with...

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Panagia Peninsula - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
The city today

A “Blue city” with crystal-clear coasts, world heritage monuments, dreamy views, Mediterranean cuisine, relaxed walks, nearby getaways to the...

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Through your eyes

The city, people and everyday life, through your eyes. Share your Kavala photos through Instagram and see them uploaded...

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Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure

Every September The Apostolos Silas Trail Adventure is organised because of the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy...

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Paragliding – Free Fall – Rafting

Are you adrenaline enthusiasts? If you are looking for a way to enjoy Kavala from above or if you...

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Archaeological Museum of Kavala - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Archaeological Museum of Kavala

The Archaeological Museum of Kavala is considered one of the most important museums of its kind in Greece.

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Philippi Festival

One of the largest cultural events in the town is undoubtedly the Philippi Festival of Kavala. It is the...

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A beach with organised facilities in a beautiful, picturesque gulf 4 km from Kavala, which has been awarded a...

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By melding the history of the town with its local produce and cooking techniques, we can see the gastronomic...

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Dub Inc performing at the castle of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Magdalasidis
Cosmopolis Festival

Since July 2000, the Municipality of Kavala and the Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala – Dimofelia have been organising...

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“Panagia”, the Old Town

A stroll through the Old Town of Kavala is an experience that you will want to have and have...

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Mohamed Ali house Interior - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Mohammed Ali Museum

The house of Mohammed Ali is today a museum and transports the visitor back to the Kavala of the...

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Old Kavala's environmental path - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Palia Kavala Nature Trail

One of the most beautiful walking routes that is well worth discovering is the nature trail of Palia Kavala.

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Tosca - Photo by Artware

A beach that makes you feel so close yet so far from the bustle of the centre. Tosca has...

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Part of Kavala's market - Photo by Artware

Kavala lives with a modern pace, offering a wide range of shops, small and large, modern and traditional...

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Wine tourism

Kavala has been famous since antiquity for the cultivation and quality of its wine. Myth relates that the god...

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Photo from Dimofelia's archive

Magical evenings in a town that knows how to relax and how to party.

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Archaeological Museum of Philippi - Photo by Artware
Archaeological Museum of Philippi

The Archaeological Museum of Philippi contains two exhibition units in which the finds from the excavations in the ancient...

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Clay treatment and hydrotherapy centre

Located among springs with medicinal properties, clay and warm medicinal waters, the Krinides Clay Treatment Centre is undoubtedly a...

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Karnayio area - Photo by Divo graphics
The town shipyards

Fine, then… You have walked through the lanes of the town and drank coffee. There is one point next...

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Scuba diving

The clean and calm waters of the region of Kavala are ideal for scuba diving. In addition to the...

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Tobacco Museum of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Tobacco Museum

The Tobacco Museum is a modern industrial and experiential museum, with a rich array of exhibits.

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The port of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Gianelos
Port and Coastal Zone

The coastal pedestrian zone that leads to the port of Kavala is one of the most beautiful walks through...

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Water route - Photo by EOS Kavala
Kavala – Palia Kavala Footpath (The water road)

This is one of the most important footpaths in Kavala, not just for its aesthetic value but primarily for...

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Lighthouse at Panagia area - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
The town Lighthouses

The Lighthouse district, as the locals always call it, is one of the most magical parts of Panagia, and...

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Aerial photo of Kiprou str. - Photo by Artware
Kapnergatis Square and Kyprou Street

One very beautiful route through the town is that which goes from Kapnergatis Square to the paved Kyprou Street,...

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When you combine the charm of the landscape with that of the sea, then Kavala is surely the ideal...

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Holy Temple of the Holy Trinity and the Five Holy Martyrs

The Holy Temple of the Holy Trinity and the Five Holy Martyrs, in which the Sacred Relics of Saints...

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Ancient Theatre of Philippi - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Archaeological site of Philippi – UNESCO World Heritage Site

All-powerful kings of the ancient Greek world, Roman generals and thousands of soldiers, the most important Apostle of the...

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The Fortress of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Acropolis – Fortress

At the peak of the Old Town proudly stands the fortress, a landmark of Kavala and one of its...

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St. Lydia's of Philippi holy baptistery - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Holy Shrine – Baptistery of Saint Lydia of Thyatira

This is located on the River Zygaktis, west of ancient Philippi. According to Luke the Evangelist (Acts 6.11), who...

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City Hall of Kavala - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
City Hall

The building in which the Municipality of Kavala is housed today is one of the most impressive buildings in...

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The Old Aqueduct Kamares - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Kamares – Aqueduct

The most characteristic monument of Kavala is the large, arched aqueduct, known by the name “Kamares” (Arches), with a...

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Imaret - Photo from Imaret's archive

In the early 19th century Mohammed Ali, founder of the final Egyptian dynasty, established an Imaret – a religious,...

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Great Club - photo Artvertise7
Great Club of Kavala

Founded in 1910 by the Philoptochos Adelfotis Kyrion Kavalas (a women’s charity for the poor) in order to house...

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The Old Music ( Halil Bey Mosque ) - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Palia Mousiki (Halil Bey Mosque)

Palia Mousiki (Halil Bey Mosque) is located at the centre of the peninsula, near the Castle and on roads...

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Pots in Ntikili Tas' section 6 - Photo by Ephorate of Antiquities of Kavala and Thassos
Dikili Tash – Orthopetra

The earliest archaeological evidence for organised life in the region, at the settlement of Dikili Tash, dates to the...

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St. Lydia's of Philippi holy baptistery - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
In the footsteps of Apostle Paul

When Paul the Apostle visited Philippi in AD 49/50, founding the first Christian Church in Europe, the appearance of...

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Rock Art - photo by Dimofeleia archive
Rock art

Rock art engraved into outdoor horizontal limestone surfaces has been discovered at the spot known as Profitis Ilias, southeast...

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Municipal tobacco warehouse - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Municipal Tobacco Warehouse

The Municipal Warehouse is one of the most interesting in Kavala. It housed the company of Kiazim Emin &...

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Mohamed Ali house MOHA Research Center - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Mohammed Ali’s Residence

In the Square named for Mohammed Ali (1769-1849), which is located in the Panagia peninsula, in the Old Town...

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City wall - Photo by Artware
Coastal wall

Its strong walls of the Thassian colony were most likely built in the early 7th century BC.

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“Régie” Tobacco Warehouse

This three-storey building complex, with a closed arrangement centred around an internal courtyard, is comprised of four wings with...

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Nea Karvali, Akontisma - Photo by Giannis Giannelos
Nea Karvali

This village is a continuation of the old Cappadocian Karvali and there is a long history behind it. The...

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Stone bridge in mount Paggeo - Photo by Iraklis Milas

Mountain villages, running waters, Byzantine monasteries, myths, history, beauty, Pangaio and its surrounding villages are an ideal destination for...

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Porto Palio Hotel - Photo from Porto Palio's archive

The Porto Palio Beach Hotel can be found on one of the most magical beaches, just 6 km from...

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Interactive map

Use the filters in our Interactive map tool, according to your areas of interest, and find what you are...

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Tourist Information Centre

The Tourist Information Centre is located at a central point in the town, in Eleftherias Square. Its purpose is...

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Maps and brochures

The maps and brochures in this section aim to help you explore the town centre and the surrounding area....

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Kavala - Photo by Iraklis Milas
Useful information

Below you can find some general yet essential information on Greece for before you travel and during your stay...

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Getting to Kavala

From Athens, there are daily flights to Megas Alexandros Airport in Chrysoupoli, just over 30 km from Kavala. In...

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Thassopoula - Photo by Artware
From Kavala

From Athens, there are daily flights to Megas Alexandros Airport in Chrysoupoli, just over 30 km from Kavala. In...

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Getting around the town

The Mediterranean climate of Kavala and its hidden beauties make walking through the town a delight.

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SEATRAC at Kalamitsa beach - Photo from Dimofelia's archive
Access for people with disabilities

Η Καβάλα διαθέτει την πρωτοποριακή κατασκευή ελληνικής ευρεσιτεχνίας SEATRAC που δίνει τη δυνατότητα σε ΑΜΕΑ να έχουν άμεση και...

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