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Λιμάνι και χερσόνησος Παναγίας - φωτογραφία Artware

φωτογραφία Artware

The team behind the Municipality of Kavala’s www.visitkavala.grtourism website is requesting your help to create more personalised and human-oriented content.

The readers of Visit Kavala are visitors from Greece and abroad, students and academics, as well as inhabitants of the town. The Visit Kavala team would like to present subjects that are of interest to the broader public, to invite their thoughts and discover new narratives about Kavala.

For this reason, we would like you, based on your experiences, whether personal and/or professional, to tell us your story about Kavala. We believe that it would be of great interest for our readers to discover Kavala through your stories, with our town as a source of inspiration and reference point for history, music, nature, architecture, the arts & crafts, archaeology, technology, research, sports, food and entertainment.

If you wish to collaborate with us, you must first send us an email declaring your interest to write a story, so that we can agree on the subject and the submission deadline.

Please bear in mind the following:
• it would be best if your text did not exceed 800 words,
• don’t forget to give the title of your article and tell us who you are,
• you can write in Greek and/or English,
• we would prefer it if you could accompany your article with one or more photographs in landscape mode at 1200×800 pixels and portrait modeat 800×1200 pixels,
• we would like the timetable for submission to be one month from the time you contact us,
• if you wish, you could become a regular writer for our blog.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question or clarification. You can send us your articles in the same email.

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