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The Trip Planner is a tool available on the Municipality of Kavala’s tourism website that enables you to plan your vacation or visit to the region. Plan your itinerary as you wish and save it or print it for your assistance.

How? Browse the different sections at and locate the places and activities that interest you. In each of these, once it has been selected you will see the “Add to Trip Planner” or “Remove from Trip Planner” icon on the right. This choice will update the Trip Planner.

When you have finished browsing and making your selection, choose “Trip Planner” from the main menu and check your selections on the left. Then select the dates on which you want to visit from the calendar and drag the points of interests to the dates you have chosen.

You can now save or print your programme. Enjoy your stay!

Selected locations

Drag the dates you would like.



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