EGSCHIGLEN ensemble (MN) – CosmoWorld

EGSCHIGLEN ensemble (MN) – CosmoWorld

The music of EGSCHIGLEN impresses by virtue of its variety and gracefulness. They interpret both traditional songs and the works of contemporary Mongolian composers with their fine-tunedarrangements by using traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asian vocal techniques.Their pieces often have chamber-music quality and transparency – and then again the original enchanting power of folk traditions.

Can you believe that one voice can produce such low and high sounds at the same time? (Yes, it is possible!) On the other hand the music sounds familiar, by expressing basic human feelings: love, sorrow and thankfulness.

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Tickets Online 12€

*Local presale point : Tourist Information Center
Ionos Dragoumi & El. Venizelou Str, Eleftherias Square, 65302 Kavala

Tickets at the entrance 14€

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