Di Gasn Trio (IL) – Cosmo World

Di Gasn Trio (IL) – Cosmo World

With origins from the Yiddish language – ‘The Streets Trio’, is an Israeli Quartet band, which brings its own interpretation of Eastern Europe Musical traditions, blending Joy and Sadness to their melodies. Found by Clarinetist – Gal Klein, and Accordionist -Yanush Hurwitz in 2012, they were later joined by Asaf Rabi on the Contra Bass, and Ori Naveh on the Percussion.

The multiple performances of the band in Israel and abroad aroused a wide variety of human feelings and responses. This led to a desire to document and spread the music of the band, described as an Israeli contemporary creation, maintaining the musical styles of Eastern European cultures, while renewing and refreshing the “old” culture, thus producing new Israeli folklore.

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Tickets Online 12€

*Local presale point : Tourist Information Center
Ionos Dragoumi & El. Venizelou Str, Eleftherias Square, 65302 Kavala

Tickets at the entrance 14€

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