Clinton Fearon (JA)- Cosmo World

Clinton Fearon (JA)- Cosmo World

At the end of the 80’s, the artist started to feel the urge to begin a solo career. In 1989 he released a first EP with the new band THE DEFENDERS composed by some of the GLADIATORS’ members. But his solo career really started in 1994, the occasion for a large audience to discover a mystical voice. His albums like « MI AN’ MI GUITAR » (2005), « THIS MORNING » (2016), and the last one « HISTORY SAY » (September 2019) have made history. Each show commands respect and admiration for this great reggae music artist who found how to cross decades with talent. One of the last Jamaican artists still playing.

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Tickets Online 12€

*Local presale point : Tourist Information Center
Ionos Dragoumi & El. Venizelou Str, Eleftherias Square, 65302 Kavala

Tickets at the entrance 14€

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