The BestBeat (SRB)- Cosmo World

The BestBeat (SRB)- Cosmo World

From the early days of the Cavern club to the rooftop of the Apple building, Bestbeat is coming to take you on a magic journey to the 60’s trough the music of the biggest 20th century band. Their program consists of songs that were once performed by the Fab Four, and they will not leave indifferent even the most die-hard Beatles fans. Performing in theatres, concert halls, festivals and clubs, this Quartet resonates with John, Paul, George and Ringo’s message heard by millions, five decades ago, a message of love, peace and understanding.

To all of you who believe that “All you need is love”, Bestbeat invite you to join their show!

For more information visit the website of Cosmopolis Festival

Tickets Online 12€

*Local presale point : Tourist Information Center
Ionos Dragoumi & El. Venizelou Str, Eleftherias Square, 65302 Kavala

Tickets at the entrance 14€

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