Danakil (FR) — Cosmo World

Danakil (FR) — Cosmo World

Almost 1000 shows and 150 000 albums, sold out venues, unusual travels, plenty of festivals… DANAKIL musicians have lived many collective adventures and experiences!

Despite the success, they’ve kept cool and share a unique and natural bond with their fans and audience each time they play live, just as they did when they started their career. This special vibe has undoubtedly contributed to their success and raised them at the top of the French reggae scene, distinguishing themselves with their unique sound and imprinting French.

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Tickets Online 12€

*Local presale point : Tourist Information Center
Ionos Dragoumi & El. Venizelou Str, Eleftherias Square, 65302 Kavala

Tickets at the entrance 14€

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